About our Association Members

FFTA-VA: Foster Family-Based Treatment Association – Virginia Chapter

The Foster Family-based Treatment Association (FFTA) is an agency-led organization of treatment foster care providers established in 1988 with an initial purpose of defining and refining Treatment Foster Care practices. The Association’s membership is composed of agencies throughout North America currently operating treatment foster care programs. Organizations that are not direct service providers, but have an interest in the field, hold affiliate membership status. FFTA is assisted by recognized researchers and policy-makers in the fields of child welfare and mental health.

VACH: Virginia Association of Children’s Homes

The Virginia Association of Children’s Homes is an organization of private, non-profit agencies dedicated to serving children and families in need. The services offered cover a wide range of needs and are delivered by a multitude of programs. All members of the VACH are licensed by the Virginia Department of Social Services.

The purpose of the Virginia Association of Children’s Homes is:

  • To form a fellowship of private child are providers in the State and to provide services to members.
  • To network in order to share information, plans, and programs so that we may provide the best possible services for children in our care.
  • To be collectively represented in the Legislature on matters affecting children and their families.
  • To positively and aggressively attempt to shape the politics of governmental agencies serving children.
  • To work with government agencies in setting standards for child care in Virginia.
  • To cooperate with private child care and family services agencies in Virginia to further the purpose of this organization.

VAISEFVirginia Association of Independent Specialized Education Facilities

VAISEF is an association of Virginia private providers of specialized education and services for children and youth with special needs, and their families.

Therefore, the VAISEF mission:

  • is to enhance the capabilities of its members to provide quality specialized education and services by offering an accreditation process and by providing information, training, and networking opportunities; and
  • to increase opportunities for members to provide services by advocating for a full continuum of services and by advocating for an increased role of the private sector, and by networking with state and local agencies

VALCPA: Virginia Association of Licensed Child Placing Agencies

The Virginia Association of Licensed Child Placing Agencies was incorporated in 1976. Our purposes, as defined in the bylaws, are to promote policies, programs and procedures, throughout the Commonwealth of Virginia and beyond, which serve the best interest of children, with emphasis upon children separated from biological parents. Our goals include:

  1. Fostering closer relationships and cooperation among licensed child placing agencies and others who share mutual concerns;
  2. Sharing knowledge, skills, and information relating to services, programs and techniques;
  3. Working in cooperation with governmental bodies on legislation, policies, and procedures affecting children and their families.