2013 Critical Issues Symposium

The 2013 Critical Issues Symposium was held on November 14, 2013 at Charterhouse School in Richmond, Virginia on the UMFS campus.

VCOPPA prepared a set of presentations and panels that provided updates and in-depth analysis of public policy issues currently affecting child and family services. The modules and associated materials are listed below.

    • Critical Budget Issues for the 2014 General Assembly – Joe Flores, Legislative Fiscal Analyst for the Virginia Senate Finance Committee discussed the state’s current financial picture and offered a preview of the 2014 General Assembly.
    • It’s A New World: Virginia’s Behavioral Health Services Administrator Contract Rollout with Magellan
      • Brian L. Smock, National Director, Behavioral Health Public Sector Networks, Magellan Health
      • Ajah L. Mills, Field Provider Network Director, Magellan of Virginia
      • James E. Forrester, Magellan Health
      • DOWNLOAD: Magellan Presentation
    • An Update on Issues from the Department of Medical Assistance Services (DMAS)
      • Sandra Brown, Manager, Behavioral Health Services, DMAS
      • Elizabeth Smith, Program Analyst, Division of Integrated Care and Behavioral Health Services, DMAS
      • Kristin L. Burhop, Integrated Care Program Advisor, DMAS
      • DOWNLOAD: DMAS CCC Presentation
    • Update on Activities of the CSA State Executive Council and Other CSA Issues from a State and Local Perspective
      • Susan Cumbia Clare, Executive Director, Virginia Office of Comprehensive Services
      • Michael C. Farley, CEO, Elk Hill, SEC Private Provider Representative
      • Greg Peters, President & CEO, UMFS, SEC Private Provider Representative
      • Ann Lamanna, Clarke County CSA Coordinator
      • DOWNLOAD: SEC Biennial Plan 2013-14
    • A Preview of Child and Family Advocacy Issues / Legislative Priorities for 2014 – A panel of representatives from several child and family advocacy and service organizations shared their 2014 legislative priorities.
      • Margaret Nimmo Crowe, Executive Director, Voices for Virginia’s Children
      • Jennifer Fidura, Executive Director, Virginia Network of Private Providers
      • William R. Frank, VACSB Public Policy Manager
      • Christie Marra, Staff Attorney, Virginia Poverty Law Center
      • Chris Spanos, VLSSE Legislative, Government and Public Affairs Counselor
Thanks to all our presenters and panelists and to Charterhouse School and UMFS for hosting the Symposium!